$5,000 Donation Bolsters Trade Teaching Programs

April 07, 2022   Ogden, UT

Cutline: Ben Wiseman (center right), senior vice president of member service—Mountain West Region for Security Service Federal Credit Union, presents (left to right) Ken King, past board chairman for EnableUtah, Scott Davis, board vice chairman for EnableUtah, Craig Blackett, board chairman for EnableUtah, Ann Dickson, board member for EnableUtah, and Gavin Hutchinson, president and CEO for EnableUtah, with a donation for $5,000.


Security Service Charitable Foundation

Donates $5,000 to ENABLEUTAH

Providing trades and skills to individuals with disabilities


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(OGDEN, UT – APRIL 7, 2022) –– The Security Service Charitable Foundation has donated $5,000 to purchase a lathe for EnableUtah’s Ogden facility, which will be used for teaching woodworking to adults with disabilities. This donation will give participants in the program the option of learning a valuable skill that they can bring to the workplace or use to sell items locally.

“At EnableUtah, individuals with disabilities can learn and grow while earning a paycheck,” said Zeb Williams, marketing and development coordinator for EnableUtah. “Participants love the sense of community they gain coming to EnableUtah to work each day and they have growing aspirations to go to work for local businesses.”

For over 50 years EnableUtah has helped to provide jobs, skills training, education, daily living skills, and career support for adults with disabilities. EnableUtah’s career coaches and job-focused curriculums help people with disabilities to find an equitable career or trade that allows them to give back to their community and gain independent living.

“EnableUtah's programs help make dreams a reality for adults with disabilities,” said Ben Wiseman, senior vice president of member service—Mountain West Region. “They give them a sense of purpose and a means of financial support. It is a pleasure to provide support to an organization that does so much to help people with disabilities succeed in life.”

EnableUtah’s mission is to promote independence, inclusion, and acceptance in the local community for people with disabilities. At this time, EnableUtah supports over 200 disabled individuals by providing employment training and community employment opportunities.

The Security Service Charitable Foundation helps further Security Service Federal Credit Union’s corporate goal of community service by contributing to deserving organizations and causes in the credit union's market areas.