$2,500 Donation Funds Shelter and Other Essential Services for Local Animals

August 12, 2021   San Antonio, TX

Cutline: The San Antonio Humane Society’s volunteers help provide food, shelter, medical services and plenty of pets for animals looking for a new home.

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Providing essential services and care to local animals

(SAN ANTONIO, TX – AUGUST 12, 2021) ––The Security Service Charitable Foundation is supporting the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) through a donation of $2,500 for essential care services. The funds will provide basic care to shelter and foster animals, including health screenings, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, grooming, as well as flea and tick prevention.

“Many of the dogs and cats in our care have been abused, injured, surrendered by their owners, or found as strays,” said Kelly Grady, development associate for the San Antonio Humane Society.  “Thousands of dogs and cats in San Antonio and its surrounding areas are saved from euthanasia every year due to our mission and our donors who support us.”

In 2020 more than 2,300 pets were adopted through the shelter, over 4,700 animals were serviced at the clinic, and more than 14,000 spay/neuter surgeries were performed. In addition to adoption and care services, SAHS also helps through a variety of educational programs and local foster services providing pets with compassionate care until they are adopted into loving homes. 

“The San Antonio Humane Society has been providing care and medical treatment to local animals for over 70 years,” said Brandy Ralston-Lint, senior vice president of corporate communications for Security Service Federal Credit Union. “Through their help - abused, abandoned, and stray pets are given shelter and the chance of a new life through adoption in Bexar County.”  

The Security Service Charitable Foundation helps further Security Service Federal Credit Union’s corporate goal of community service by contributing to deserving organizations and causes in the credit union's market areas.