Choose the Certificate That's Right for You

Security Service offers some of the best credit union certificate rates available in Texas, Colorado, and Utah.



Traditional Certificate

  • Apply for as little as $500
  • Earn higher interest than a savings account
  • 3 month - 7 year terms
  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply
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Future Builder Certificate

  • Apply for as little as $250
  • Make penalty-free withdrawals and deposits before maturity3
  • Additional deposits allowed
  • 12-month term
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IRA Certificate (Fixed-Rate)

  • Apply for as little as $500
  • Start saving retirement for as little as $500
  • Secure, fixed-rate certificate
  • Tax advantages
  • 3 month - 7 years terms
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Not a Security Service Member?

There are thousands of ways to qualify for membership.

Find out if you qualify in the first step of the application or stop by one of Security Service's branches  in Colorado, Texas, and Utah.

Must meet membership requirements and must open and maintain a Security Service Savings account (either a Security Service Basic Savings Account or a Youth Savings Account) with a $5 balance.



For complete details, refer to the  Deposit Terms and  Truth in Savings.

  1. "Interest" referenced in the context of this page refers to "dividends."
  2. Certificates are Share Certificates.
  3. Unlimited withdrawals of any amount up to 50% of the certificate balance per day. Penalty applies if withdrawal exceeds 50% of balance.