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Don’t Face Identity Theft Alone

Every 2 seconds an identity is stolen in the U.S.* Don’t let it be you. Protect your identity with ID monitoring services from Power Protected Checking. If your identity is stolen our ID Theft Recovery Services have you covered.

ID Monitoring Services

Real-Time Monitoring Alerts
Receive texts and emails when your credit is pulled or other suspicious activity takes place.
Dark Web & Internet Surveillance
Get notified if your personal information is found online or on the dark web.
Social Media Monitoring
Keeps an eye on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to alert you of vulgarity, violence, or a possible account takeover.
Daily Credit Report & Score
Know where your credit stands with easy access to your daily TransUnion® credit reports and scores.
High Risk Transactions Monitoring
Alerts you if your identity is used in financial or healthcare account activity such as money transfers or account management changes.
Data Breach Notifications
Receive notifications, along with actions to take, if your personal information may have been exposed as a result of a data breach.
Identity Health Status Updates
Get a monthly overview of your identity security.
IP Address Monitoring
A computer’s IP addresses is considered personally identifiable information (PII) and can be used during a data breach.
Solicitation Reduction
Opt out of pre-approved credit card offers, telemarketing calls, commercial mail, and coupons.

ID Theft Recovery Services

If your identity is stolen, we have you covered. A dedicated Privacy Advocate will manage and resolve suspected or confirmed fraud until completion. Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery Services cover three generations of your family, and include financial and non-financial ID theft.

In addition, ID Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance covers up to $25,000 of your out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the recovery of your identity.

To access ID Theft Recovery Services, call 1-877-421-0515

Mon. - Sat. 7am - 9pm CT and Sun. 11am - 5pm CT

Federally insured by NCUA. Membership eligibility required.

1) MONITORING SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER ON AN ENTITLED BASIS AND REQUIRE CONSUMER ONLINE REGISTRATION AND ACTIVATION. For details, see Terms and Conditions for Identity Theft Recovery Services and Power Protected ID Monitoring at Some services may be limited or unavailable to non-U.S. citizens and persons residing outside the U.S. Standard data and text messaging rates may apply for alerts. Most alerts are provided real-time, but some may not be immediate. One bureau credit monitoring, daily credit report and daily credit score are provided by TransUnion®. Fully Managed Recovery Services and Monitoring Services are provided by Allstate Identity Protection. ID Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance is underwritten by Lyndon Southern Insurance, a member of the Fortegra family of companies. Reimbursement coverage is not available to residents of the state of New York and may not be available in other jurisdictions in the future.

* Allstate Identity Protection:

Identity Theft Reimbursement Claim Information – Texas Residents

Identity Theft Reimbursement Claim Information – Residents outside of Texas