Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) & Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)

​Security Service IRAs and ESAs offer tax advantages that can enhance your individual retirement plan or help you achieve your goals for college savings.


Traditional IRA


Building your retirement savings with a Traditional IRA means you may not pay any taxes until you take distributions. Your contributions are also tax-deductible up to certain income limitations.

You may begin to take penalty-free distributions at the age of 59½.


Penalty-free Roth Distribution Requirements:

  • The member is age 59 ½ or older
  • The distribution will be considered as “penalty-free” once the five-year waiting period has been met.



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Retirement 101

Wherever you are in your retirement planning, it is not too late to develop or refine your savings strategy. This quick online lesson will give you the understanding and tools you need to start building the retirement you want, today.

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There are thousands of ways to qualify for membership.

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Must meet membership requirements and must open and maintain a Security Service Savings account (either a Security Service Basic Savings Account or a Youth Savings Account) with a $5 balance.