Realtor & Homebuilder Services

Whether you’re a Realtor or homebuilder, Security Service Title understands that your time is precious. Our unmatched level of service will ensure you and your client’s closing is processed quickly and efficiently.

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As a Realtor, you’ll benefit from our…

  • Proactive communication – We'll use our experience to identify issues and assist you in resolving them early in the process so you can focus your time on your valued clients.
  • Streamlined funds collection and distribution – All necessary funds will be quickly disbursed for payoffs, seller proceeds, and more.
  • Fast and personal closing services – Our team will work with buyers, sellers, and lenders to process all paperwork as quickly as possible.
  • Real Estate Agent CE Classes

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As a Homebuilder, you’ll enjoy our…

  • Industry expertise – Our team knows the complexities involved in handling new construction. Trust us to help you resolve potential title issues so you can do what you do best: Build beautiful homes for your clients.
  • Speedy service – We know that your clients want the keys to their new homes as soon as possible. At Security Service Title, we work to make that happen with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.



Choose the Right Service

You and your clients will receive world-class service from a dedicated team of professionals at Security Service Title. Please contact us for assistance at 1.888.428.5516.



Security Service Title Company is a subsidiary of Security Service Federal Credit Union.